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At a Party


one dance a day

A lockdown initiative and invitation to dance apart - together.


Every day during lockdown, at a random moment, participants received a link on their phone to a song. As soon as they received it, it was time to drop everything, turn up the volume and dance! 

Dancefix created a moment in the at home lockdown bubble to go a bit wild, to cut loose for a minute, to shake some bootie. Over a few days, Dancefix caught on and people from all over the world, from New Zealand to Europe, India and USA, participated.

Whether people shook it down with their kids, shimmied with their dog and cat, or jived on their own, they knew that, at the very same time, in their own homes & isolation bubbles, lots of others were boogie-ing with them.

Created in collaboration with Morgenmakers (Netherlands).


'We had a hilarious time dancing ballet to the autumn piece! Thank you so so much. We have absolutely loved this dance time.'


'Loved that song today!!!

Had a proper good dance!!

Thanks, that made my day.'


'Because of Dance Fix, I realised how much I enjoy dancing - I danced to the daily song without fail. After lockdown, I want to continue dancing.'

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