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Free life lessons from your neighbour


The People’s Oracle is a participatory interactive installation   

 dishing out free life lessons from the community to the community

The prophetic People's Oracle is coming to town! The Oracle, a great big, towering wall of dusty yesteryear appliances, is calling everyone to share their Life Lessons.

What’s your greatest insight? Perhaps: Always water your house plants? Never give up trying? Eat chocolate at least once a day? Never give up trying? Come see the Oracle’s quirky 1950s typist Assistant and entrust your wisdoms to her for feeding into the Oracle.

Once all Life Lessons have been collected, The People’s Oracle will be up and running. Do you have any pressing life questions that need answering urgently? Ask the The People’s Oracle your curly life questions and listen to it dishing out insightful wisdom from your community.

The People's Oracle was supported by and premiered at the

Hawkes Bay Arts Festival 2023

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